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VoIP Providers,Voip Internet Telephony

VoIP (Voice over IP) Providers Online Information and Advice

Voip (Voice Over IP) Providers Online is a new website aimed at providing useful information and advice about VoIP in the UK , UK VoIP Service Providers, VoIp Technology, VoIP Solutions, Benefits of Implementing VoIP, VoIP Equipment, UK VoIP Regulations, VoIP News and VoIP Resources for people looking to change to a VoIP phone system mainly in their home, but also for businesses. Anyone thinking of changing their present phone system over to a VoIP telepone system will find lots of informative articles especially in our VoIP Articles section such as the Pros and Cons of VoIP, to help them make the right decision.

VoIP Telephony is a popular buzzword these days. It stands for Voice Over IP (internet protocol), and it might just be the way you'll be talking over the phone in the near future. VoIP is also known as internet telephony or internet phone system. Why are so many people are excited by this new Voip technology? Voip Service Providers can avoid most of the costs that come with a traditional phone line, thus making cheap phone calls and making savings on your phone bill. So switching to Voip might be a good move!

That's a savings of hundreds, or even thousands of pounds or dollars for some people. Most of the primary entities who are interested in this Voip technology are large corporations, but it can be significant even for the homemaker. There are plenty of VoIP Providers to choose from, so it is important to understand what VoIP is and how VoIP works before you sign up to a VoIP service. You will also need to be aware of the different types of VoIP services and Voip equipment that are available to enable you to be able to make those free calls.

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Anyone who has used voice chat software is familiar with the latency issues that proliferate with any sort of data transfer involving the Internet; VoIP addresses the latency issue using RTP, or real time protocol. This protocol ensures that packets arrive in a timely manner.

The sections in this Voip Providers website include the following:

VoIP Technology

What is VoIP, the history of Voice over IP telephony, and thoughts about the future.

VoIP Solutions

How does VoIP work and what options are there available.

Benefits of VoIP

What are the benefits of Voip and is VoIP Secure?

UK VoIP Providers

Which UK Voip Provider should you choose here is a list of a few of the top VoIP providers.

VoIP Equipment

This section includes the types of hardware and software that you need to access a VoIP service.

UK VoIP Regulation

Who regulates VoIP telephony services and what regulations are there?

VoIP Articles

A list of recent articles about VoIP internet telephony.

VoIP News

The latest VoIP news from the UK and around the World.


This site will be developing over the next few months and will aim to keep abreast of the latest information and news on Voice over IP technology.

If you are a VoIP business or have something you would like including on this site, please contact us and we will happily include any information or resources that will be of interest to our visitors.

Voip TelephoneWe have a number of VoIP Providers listed on our VoIp Software page so if you wish to download the Software Available Click on one of the following.

Information about the regulation of VoIP vcan be found on the OFCOM page of our site.


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A range of VoIP Phones are available for purchase through this site, more details of each type can be obtained by clicking on the image below.

More are available on our VoIP Phones and Adaptors page.



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The information provided on VoIP Providers Online is purely for information online - it should not be taken as concrete advice. Please do your research before entering into any contract with a VoIP provider. VoIP Providers Online cannot be held accountable for the information in this site.