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The Increasing Popularity Of Wireless VOIP Phones In The Workplace

By: Mark Woodcock

The use of wireless VOIP phones is an obvious and smart thing for retail businesses, schools, and even hospitals to consider using. No longer is there a need for an organization to have separate systems for work (computer-based) and voice communications (telephone-based). Business-related work and communications can be all-inclusive. Wireless VOIP phone systems give employees, especially those tied to a phone throughout their work day, the freedom to move about within their office building or complex, and still have the ability to communicate with customers and business associates. For businesses and other organizations that already have an IP communication system in place, it is the next logical step to move to wireless VOIP phones. They operate in the same way as standard VOIP phones, except that they function on a wireless local area network (WLAN). By staying in range of a wireless connection at the site, a user can make and receive calls just as they can with standard VOIP phone systems.

There are many specific types of organizations that can benefit from the use of wireless VOIP phones. Hospitals, for example, allow employees who spend a lot of their time on the telephone communicating with physicians, insurance companies, and with other hospital personnel within the building will see the huge benefit in being able to move freely within a workspace, carry out necessary communications, and accomplish more than one task at a given time. Retail stores also will see a huge advantage to using wireless VOIP phones, for much the same reason. The freedom to communicate with customers and business associates over the phone, while still being able to travel throughout the workplace has the potential to show an increase in work efficiency and time management. Schools can also benefit by using this technology. By providing staff, faculty, and security with wireless VOIP phones, student data is accessible over the phone, school emergencies can be handled much more quickly and efficiently, and teachers can communicate with one another whether in a classroom or in the cafeteria or on the playground.

The advantages of using this technology are apparent. Besides the freedom it provides, wireless VOIP phone systems allow organizations to combine communications to include phone communications, email, and text messaging, allowing them to work together in one system. This efficiency is a time saver, as well as a money saver. Speaking of saving money, organizations will find that they can avoid lengthy contracts with phone companies in favor of wiring systems that give the businesses more options.

There is a downside to this seemingly ideal technology. In a wireless VOIP phone system, the number of calls that can be placed by callers at a time is limited. An access point in a system can't handle more than a few calls at a time. This limited capacity, therefore, has resulted in the inability for many types of businesses to use wireless VOIP phone technology. Businesses and industries that require huge volumes of communication on a constant basis would simply overload a wireless network. Despite this limitation, technology will no doubt catch up in the near future, and be able to provide wireless VOIP phone service to every level of business and industry, no matter how large.

Wireless VOIP phone systems are an exciting technology for the business world to embrace. Freedom, flexibility, efficiency, as well as potentially huge cost savings are but a few of the advantages this form of multi-level communication has the ability to provide its subscribers and users. Many organizations have currently incorporated wireless VOIP phones into their daily workplace with great success, including hospitals and schools. Wireless VOIP phones are a smart consideration to make in order to stay on the cusp of technology.

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